Weighted Jump Rope vs Speed Rope (updated in 2021)

    Weighted Jump Rope VS Speed Rope

    Weighted Jump Rope VS Speed Rope, which one is better? It’s known that using a jump rope is beneficial for your health and can be an adequate supplement to your fitness routine. But when you scan the market for one, you’ll come across different types of jump ropes. And the most popular among fitness enthusiasts are speed jump ropes and weighted jump ropes.

    But determining which one is more adequate for your fitness might pose a challenge. Some websites claim that speed jump ropes are what you should get while others complain about finding it being difficult. The same holds true for weighted jump ropes.

    If such concerns have been nagging you, don’t worry as you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will help you figure out how a speed jump rope differs from a weighted one and their pros and cons.

    How jump ropes can enhance your fitness routine

    weighted jump rope or speed rope

    Right off the bat, you should know that using a jump rope – whether it’s a speed, weighted or simple one – will enhance your workout routine and bring added benefits to your health. It makes you less injury-prone and studies even link the practice to improved cardiovascular health.

    As for your fitness routine, just skipping one can serve as an adequate warm up and it can even replace using the good ol’ treadmill for that purpose. Some estimates even show that rope jumping burns more calories than using a treadmill, with some 900 calories burnt per hour with a jump rope against around 810 calories per hour with a treadmill.

    Not only treadmills, but this simple equipment can potentially substitute jogging. For instance, researchers found in a 2013 study that college men who used a jump rope for 10 minutes every day for a duration of 6 weeks showed improved cardiovascular fitness comparable to those who jogged for 30 minutes daily for 6 weeks. Now you know how you can workout indoors during cold winter days!

    We are not only inside during winter days but also during COVID lockdown and rope jumping can work as a quick and effective workout rather than a simple warm up. 15 minutes of rope skipping can burn around 200-300 calories. “It burns more calories than any steady-state cardio — from rowing or jogging to cycling and swimming,” says celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels.

    A jump rope will also enhance your fitness routine thanks to the health benefits it brings along. Studies have shown that exercising with a jump rope improves your coordination as it involves various body parts working in tandem to perform a movement. With the improved coordination, you will subsequently be less likely to get hurt in other exercises and hence your injury risk is lowered.

    Trainer Jillian Michaels has another tip to use jump ropes to enhance your fitness routine. Michaels recommends that you use a jump rope for 3 minutes between rounds of resistance training.

    Since they are relatively inexpensive equipment and can be used practically anywhere, jump ropes can serve as a quick and efficient fix to enhance your workouts. Now let’s see speed and weighted jump ropes in more detail.

    Speed rope

    As the name suggests, a speed jump rope is used to jump ropes quickly and is well suited at that. You can tell a speed jump rope by the looks of it as it is rather different from other jump ropes.

    Firstly, the cable is very thin and lightweight, generally weighing between 50g to 100g. Being light is what helps the user swing it around their body quickly.

    Another characteristic feature of a speed jump rope is that the point where the cable meets each handle is at a 90-degree angle. This helps the user to efficiently spin the rope quickly.

    These are the main defining features of a speed jump rope. However, there are also other aspects to an equipment like a ball bearing system in the handles, handles that are around 5 to 6 inches in size and the cable material being metal in most cases.

    An example of a good speed jump rope is WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope. Priced at around $18 on Amazon, it comes with a 11 feet-long cable, 6.75 inch-long sturdy handles, a four-bearing connection and an extra cable. The cable is itself 2.5 mm-thick and easily adjustable to suit your height. While it can get damaged if you use it on a hard surface, you can easily change it and the price is very affordable.

    Weighted jump rope

    We have a dedicated article about what constitutes as a weighted jump rope but we will give you the short version here. Technically, a weighted jump rope is defined as a jump rope that weighs anything above 150g. But most weighted jump ropes usually start from 250g. As such, they can be distinguished with their relatively thick cables.

    Additionally, unlike speed jump ropes, weighted ones have their cables attached in line with the handles. They also have bigger handles at around 7-8 inches.

    Similar to a speed jump rope, a good weighted jump rope features a ball bearing system that allows the rope to rotate smoothly.

    Among the best weighted jump ropes is the Cross Rope Get Lean set. Included in this set are two cables, namely a ¼ lb one and a ½ lb one. These can be quickly swapped with the fast clip system on the handles to accommodate to your preference and fitness level. The handles themselves are lightweight and comfortable with a good grip that prevents them from slipping; even for those with sweaty palms among you. It’s of great quality overall but doesn’t come cheap at $99.

    Weighted Jump Rope vs Speed Rope

    Now that you can tell a speed jump rope from a weighted one, let’s see how each differs by checking out their pros and cons.

    Speed jump rope


    1. Improves coordination, agility and speed

    As you practice with a speed rope, you build on your coordination to successfully perform revolutions quickly. This in turns improves your agility.

    1. Builds endurance

    With increased speed and agility, you also build on your endurance while working out. This allows you to progress to advanced exercises such as double unders where you perform two revolutions for every jump.

    1. Travel-friendly

    One of the best things of speed jump ropes is their lightweight, making them easy to pack and carry around wherever you go.


    1. Not the best for beginners

    Starting with speed jump ropes might not be the best idea. These require you to be acquainted with rope skipping as they need proper form and strength to use them properly. Otherwise, you will easily trip over frequently and this experience might deter you from including a jump rope in your workout routine.

    1. Less calorie-consuming

    Since speed jump ropes are lighter, swinging them around your body takes less effort and thus burns less calorie. You should keep a fast pace if you want it to be effective and this is not achievable by beginners from the get-go.

    Weighted jump rope


    1. Suitable for beginners

    Unlike what most would think, weighted jump ropes are well-suited for beginners as they help with adopting proper form. This is thanks to the extra resistance that the weights bring along.

    1. Involves more muscle groups

    The added weight of the cable will automatically lead you to use more muscle groups. In particular, you will use your upper body muscles more and this will help develop and strengthen your shoulders and upper body power.

    1. Use more calories

    Since more muscle groups are used, you’ll be using more calories with a weighted jump rope.


    1. Not travel-friendly

    Given the extra weight of such a jump rope, it’s not as easy to carry around.

    1. It can hurt

    Yes, it hurts when you miss a jump and the cable whips your leg. This is more so with weighted jump ropes and the extra weight they carry.

    weighted jump rope benefits

    Let’s now turn our focus on the advantages of adding a weighted jump rope in your fitness routine.

    1. Helps adopt proper form

    A weighted jump rope’s extra weight adds resistance which causes rotations of the cable to be slower. Jumpers can thus better focus and time their jumps, which helps them in adopting a proper form.

    This is why weighted jump ropes are recommended for beginners. A proper form will help you use your muscles correctly for the optimal performance and also in reducing risks of strains.

    1. Easier to reach your daily fitness goals

    As you use more muscles with a weighted jump rope, you use more calories compared to using other jump ropes for the same amount of time. Being calorie-intensive, using it for 20 minutes can be comparable to a whole-body workout and can quickly help you meet your daily fitness goals if you are short on time.

    1. Improves cognitive functions

    By using more muscle groups and coordinating various body parts to perform an action (jump over the cable), you are learning new patterns which in turn help boost your cognitive functions.

    How to use a weighted jump rope the right way

    Using a weighted jump rope sounds like a neat addition to your workout and for keeping fit, right? But there are some precautions to take while using one. Below are some tips to help you use a weighted jump rope the right way:

    1. Begin with lighter cables

    Sure, weighted jump ropes are great for beginners but you shouldn’t overdo it with the weights. Begin with a cable that weighs around 250g to get acquainted and you can gradually increase the weight when you need a bigger challenge.

    1. Get a mat

    This one is to limit wear and tear to the cable. A yoga mat or a thick mat will help reduce friction when the cable meets the surface under your feet. Additionally, a mat will reduce the impact of your feet when you come back down to the surface by acting as a shock absorber.

    1. Use proper shoes

    As you’ll be jumping for several minutes with no break, it’s important that the exercise is comfortable. In addition to a mat, you can use shoes that feel comfortable to you. This will vary from person to person, so you should try out and find which one is best for you.

    1. Get a guide

    No, you don’t have to pay for a guide. Rather, you can follow YouTube videos to know the types of repetitions and sets you can perform with a weighted jump rope.  Jump Rope Dudes and Crossrope Jump Ropes are some of the YouTube channels that can help you get started.

    So which one is better when we are talking about Weighted Jump Rope VS Speed Rope? It depends on your requirement. Just pick the one your workout is aiming at. We hope you liked this article and that it helped give you a clearer idea about the differences between a speed jump rope and a weighted jump rope. Don’t forget to check out our previous article that shares some tips to buy weighted articles and how to get started!

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