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Weighted Jump Rope for Fitness

Weighted Jump Rope, Adjustable Skipping Rope for Men & Women , Self-Locking with Alloy Non-Slip Handles Design, Tangle-Free Jump Ropes for Fitness Training, Workout, Home Exercise



Tangle-Free/ No coiling

The 1/4 LB lightweight on the jumping ropes, it will not be curled, which allows you to build speed and skill.


Quality and Durability

The rope is made of steel wires coated with wear-resistant PVC, which features durable and smooth, avoids cracking or breaking.


Easy to be adjustable

The rope has 3m/9.85ft with self-locking design, you can adjust to a suitable length just in seconds, without screwing or cutting.


I have owned many brands and types of weighted jump ropes over the past three years. None of them are even close in comparison to this set. Most systems have only lasted a couple weeks, let alone a couple months. This set has lasted me two years… two years of daily abuse.


I must say I was skeptical spending this much for a weighted Jump rope and I do think they could come down on the price but they are really nice ropes. The heavier one (white) is a killer on your arms. The one thing that sold me on these ropes and why I decided to keep them is that they do not tangle. 


The World’s Most Efficient Workout, Anywhere

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weighted jump rope for workout
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