Are CrossRope’s Jump Ropes Worth the Price?

    When you go to the store of CrossRope Jump Rope, whose ropes are often listed among the best ones out there, the prices are far from being cheap and are in a different price-range category altogether. The cheapest CrossRope jump rope and handle combination amounts to around $80 while some sets can cost up to $238. But several websites will recommend the CrossRope jump ropes and we’ve even featured it in our articles before. However, if you go to AliExpress, you will find deals as from $0.10. These might not be of the best quality.

    So of course, it’s only natural to ask oneself whether CrossRope jump rope is indeed worth the cost or they are just overpriced equipment. Are they doing anything special? Do CrossRope jump ropes have any features that justify the asking price?

    These questions and more are what we will look into for this article. We will dive into why CrossRope jump ropes are different, why they receive rave reviews, contemplate the cost and also consider alternatives if you have a different budget. Let’s get right into it!

    CrossRope Jump Rope

    What Makes CrossRope jump rope different?

    First of all, CrossRope jump rope isn’t the type that you might be used to. They are in fact, weighted jump ropes. What is a weighted jump rope, you ask? Well, we have a whole article dedicated to it.

    But in short, a weighted jump rope is one that weighs above 150g. Under this weight, you will find other types of jump ropes such as regular jump ropes or speed jump ropes. Usually, weighted jump ropes start at 250g and can weigh up to 5kg!

    Of note, several companies will sell their weighted jump ropes but have the weights distributed only between the two handles. They will indeed feel heavy but they won’t add much to your workout. Proper weighted jump ropes have the weights distributed on the cables. This will result in the cables appearing thicker, and can be a recognizable characteristic of a weighted jump rope.

    Additionally, the weight has to be distributed evenly along the cable for maximum efficiency. In this way, it will add resistance while you use it, forcing you to use more muscle groups and hence bring added benefits to your workout.

    With that said, what makes a good weighted jump rope good? And does CrossRope weighted jump rope packs these features? We’ll take a look at these in the upcoming sections.

    What a good weighted jump rope must feature?

    Weighted jump ropes are different from traditional and speed jump ropes. But there are different qualities of weighted jump ropes which differentiate the good from the bad. In this section, we will contemplate are those features that make a good weighted jump rope actually good.

    1. Weight placement location

    Not only should a weighted jump rope weigh above 150g but also the distribution of that extra weight is important. We already spoiled that the weights should be in the cables rather than in the handles. But we simply cannot stress it enough. Having the weights only in the handles will practically add nothing to your workout. For true benefits, the cables must bear the weight; and these cables must have the weight evenly distributed along its length.

    1. Replaceable cables

    Not only must the cables bear the weight and in an evenly-distributed fashion but good weighted jump ropes will let you swap the cables at will. This lets you adjust the weight to your abilities and it’s especially helpful if you are a beginner. With such a feature, you can incrementally increase the weight of the cable as you get used to using heavier jump ropes to exercise. Additionally, interchangeable cables will prolong the lifespan of the jump rope as you can replace them in case of damage.

    CrossRope Jump Rope

    1. Material used for the cables

    The cables are perhaps the most important parts of a weighted jump rope and they must be of good, durable quality. This is ideally steel cables which are coated to prevent from you getting hurt if you accidentally whip yourself while rope skipping.

    1. Rotating connection

    Where the cables meet the handles is known as the rotating connection; and in a good weighted jump rope, these are smooth ball-bearing systems. This will allow the cable to turn smoothly on each revolution and also prevent tangling.

    1. Handle quality

    CrossRope Jump Rope

    Handles are also important in weighted jump ropes as you will be holding them for several dozens of minutes. This means that they should be comfortable with a good cushion. They should also be of a sturdy build to prevent them from getting easily damaged if they fall. And don’t forget that handles should not bear the extra weights of a weighted jump rope; that’s for the cable!

    Now that you know what must be prioritized in a weighted jump rope to make a good equipment, let’s see what CrossRope jump ropes pack and if they themselves boast the features we just listed.

    CrossRope jump rope features

    With the premium asking price for CrossRope jump rope, expectations are naturally high. While they might look fancy, are the features actually any good? We’ll take a look at those in this section; and for that, we’ll look at the cheapest jump rope the company sells, which consists of the $59 Slim Handles and the $19 1/4 LB Jump Rope, which amounts to $78.

    Let’s start with the cable itself. Cable of CrossRope jump rope is the weighted part of the equipment, with the weight evenly distributed along the length and the cables are also interchangeable. The company sells different cables of different weights, from  ¼ lb and to 2 lb. The lighter cables consist of a nylon coated galvanized steel cable; while heavier cables are PVC coated galvanized steel cable.  Thus, these CrossRope jump ropes are of good and durable quality and since they are coated, they can be used to jump on any surfaces.

    Regarding the handles, while they are sturdy, durable and offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip. They are also rust resistant, meaning you can count on using them for a long time. The fast-clip mechanism at the top allows you to easily swap cables.

    And yes, there is also a ball bearing system at the rotating connection. The Slim Handles have encased, free spinning ball bearings while the Power Handles also have encased, free spinning ball bearings but they do not spin freely. This is because of the presence of an internal lubricant which maximises the lifespan of the ball bearings. Some new versions of the Slim Handles also have a lubricant mist but CrossRope Jump Rope notes that the lubricant will coat the ball bearing wholly with use and this will in turn allow for smooth spinning.

    Crossrope Jump Ropes Set

    Are CrossRope’s jump ropes worth the price?

    That’s the big question, right? Are CrossRope jump rope ( especially the CrossRope weighted jump ropes) worth the premium price tag? Well, as most things go, the answer is it depends. It depends on how seriously you want to take rope jumping. Do you wish to use the equipment sporadically or do you wish to use it consistently to enhance your workouts?

    If you are not sure, then investing in a CrossRope jump rope is not really worth it because you will spend a lot only to put the tool aside to accumulate dust in a couple of weeks. For trying out purposes, you might want to look for a cheaper alternative.

    But if you want to get serious with rope skipping or have tried a weighted jump rope but want one of good quality that will last long, then CrossRope jump rope won’t disappoint. They practically tick all the boxes regarding what constitutes a good weighted jump rope. The cables of CrossRope jump ropes are easily interchangeable; the cables are of good quality and carry the weight instead of the handles; there’s a ball bearing system for smooth spinning; and the handles are ergonomic and comfortable. These features will add up to deliver a quality product that you will keep using rather than replace often like cheap ones.

    So if you want a weighted jump rope that you can use for a long time and can invest in one to enhance your workouts, then yes, the CrossRope jump rope will deliver on the quality and functionality.

    With that said, why should you even consider a weighted jump rope in the first place if regular jump ropes are much much cheaper?

    Why should you consider weighted jump ropes?

    Weighted jump ropes are picking up steam among fitness enthusiasts and it’s not without its reasons. The added weight adds resistance that brings benefits to your workout and can also help you adopt proper form when exercising. Below are some of the main benefits that weighted jump ropes bring in comparison to regular jump ropes.

    1. Use more muscle groups

    The extra weights of a weighted jump rope brings in added resistance when you spin it around your body. This will require more force from you; and hence lead you to activate and use more muscle groups to rotate the cable around your body. In particular, your upper body muscle groups, especially that of your back, shoulders and arms, are more activated and used. This will lead to developing and strengthening your shoulders and upper body power.


    weighted jump rope for fitness

    1. Spend more calories

    By activating and using more muscle groups, you will naturally use more energy and burning more calories will provide this. You can feel the effect of a full-body workout by skipping ropes for 20 minutes.

    1. Gain more health benefits

    Using a regular jump rope has been shown to bring several health benefits such as improved coordination and improved cognitive functions. This is because you are learning new patterns which gives a boost to your cognitive functions. They also help increase elasticity and resiliency of lower-leg muscles and this helps reduce the risk of lower-leg injuries. With more muscle groups involved with a weighted jump rope, you are using even more body parts to jump and this will help sharpen your cognitive prowess.

    1. Great for beginners

    While you might not have started to use a jump rope with a weighted jump rope, the latter is actually more suitable for beginners than other types of jump ropes. This is because the extra weight and resistance will lead to slower cable rotations; this subsequently helps jumpers better coordinate their jumps and adopt a proper form.

    Why weighted jump rope?

    What alternatives are there?

    While CrossRope jump ropes are among the best out there if you want to get serious with the practice, not everyone has $80 to throw at such an equipment if they aren’t sure they will actually stick to using it. That’s a pricey investment for a trial-and-error session, so you might want to look for alternatives. Below are some of the cheaper but recommended options you will find on the market that might not compare with the quality of CrossRope jump rope offerings but aren’t so bad if you are on a budget.

    1. Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

    The Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope offers great value for money for a weighted jump rope if you are on a budget. Priced only $19 on Amazon, this jump rope offers  a 1 lb PVC cable, a ball-bearing system and a comfortable handle. But the cable is fixed to the handle and isn’t swappable. But you can adjust it to your height with the included screwdriver and clamps.

    1. WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

    These WOD $24 weighted jump ropes feature removable weighted cables, pro ball bearing for easy spinning, a comfortable handle and also removable weights in the handles. However, they can only be used on smooth surfaces and the added weights to the cable comes in the form of removable PVC inserts which means that the cable weights are unfortunately not evenly distributed.

    1. Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope

    crossrope jump rope alternatives

    These Champion Sports weighted jump ropes are mostly targeted for advanced jumpers as the rope’s weight varies from 1 pound to 4 pounds. The cables aren’t replaceable but the rope has a foam-covered comfortable handle and swivel ball-bearing system. The prices vary according to the weight and the 1 pound one starts at $30 on Amazon.

    This concludes our article for today! We hope that it helps you better see what CrossRope’s jump ropes offer and if they are in fact suitable for your needs. If you want to get into weighted jump ropes, be sure to check our weighted jump rope guide that helps you get started with one!

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