What are the best weighted jump rope on the market?

    weighted skipping rope

    Whether you are a beginner trying to find a weighted jump rope to get started with or a regular user looking for a replacement one, it can be overwhelming to find one to purchase. The market is getting inundated with these equipment. Some of which are pricey like the CrossRope sets. While others aren’t very useful as they don’t place the weight along the cable but rather on the handles.

    We’ve already covered what to look for in a weighted jump rope when buying one in a dedicated article and we would recommend you checking it out. This article will focus on the best weighted jump ropes out there that might be pricey but are worth the cost since they check the boxes regarding must-have features of weighted jump ropes. Let’s take a look!

    weighted jump rope

    What are the must-have features of a good weighted jump rope?

    Before jumping into the list, we’ll give a brief refresher on what a good weighted jump rope needs in order to be beneficial for you. We’ve explored these at length in our articles but we can’t stress these must-have features enough so here is a quick summary:

    1. Weight placement on cables

    If there’s one important feature of a weighted jump rope, this should be it. The extra weight (anything above 150g) should be evenly distributed along the cables for it to add resistance (and subsequently, benefits) to your workout. If the weight is on the handles only, that won’t be of much use.

    1. Replaceable cables

    Similar to weight lifting, you will eventually get used to the weight of a weighted jump rope. So to push yourself further, you might want to try heavier cables later on and a jump rope whose handles allow you to replace its cables will help in that.

    1. Handle comfort and features

    Since you’ll be holding the handles for the whole duration of the workout, they should be comfortably padded with some foam while being of a sturdy build. Also, at the point where the cables meet the handles (the rotating connection), there should be a smooth ball-bearing system to allow for smooth rotation of the cable and prevent tangling.

     jump rope workouts

    The best weighted jump ropes on the market

    Now that we’ve summarized what features you must look for in a weighted jump rope, we will explore

    1. CrossRope

    In most, if not all, “recommended weighted jump ropes” list you’ll come across, those from CrossRope will be featured, and there’s a reason for that. They aren’t very cheap, with the cheapest rope costing as much as $78 and sets costing up to $238. We analyzed whether CrossRope’s products are worth the price in a previous article but we’ll run down the basics here.

    The durable cables are interchangeable thanks to the fast-clip mechanism on the handles. The latter are also of a tough build and feature a comfortable and ergonomic grip. There’s also a ball bearing system at the rotating connection for smooth spinning.

    In short, the CrossRope jump ropes have it all.

    weighted jump rope workouts

    1. Ever jump

    Weighted jump ropes from Everjump are good alternatives to those from CrossRope. This is because they have virtually the same features and a comparable price range. Their cheapest model, the Beginner Set, costs €79 while the pricer Shape Set which comes with a multitude of cables is priced at €219. If you take in the conversion rate, Everjump’s weighted jump ropes cost more than those from CrossRope.

    Nevertheless, they do include all features of a good weighted jump rope. The handles have a comfortable, anti-slip surface and feature an “Everclip System” that lets you change the cables at will. As for the cables themselves, the extra weight is evenly distributed across each.

    1. Ignite

    The £120.00 Ignite weighted jump rope from Rush Athletics might sound pricey at first but it might in fact be the most value-for money one out there. This is because it is a set that comes with three PVC-coated cables of different weights (250g, 400g and 600g) and even comes with a rope length adjustment tool!

    Of course, the handles have a clip system to enable swapping of the cables and have a PU leather grip for comfort. The quality might not be on par with those from CrossRope but the value is there for the price.

    weighted skipping rope

    1. Earth 2.0 Jump Rope Fitness System

    This “Fitness System” has been crowdfunded on Kickstarter by Velites and is supposed to ship in the coming weeks. Early backers could get a kit starting at €59. Similar to the other jump ropes in this list, the Earth 2.0 features swappable cables, anti-slip handles but they also support weights in the handles. These aren’t an essential feature of weighted jump ropes as we’ve discussed before. Also we should take crowdfunding campaigns with some caution and we can’t tell much about its quality, but if they do become available to the public, they might be worth considering as a budget-friendly alternative.

    Notable alternatives

    While the above are the weighted jump ropes on the market that packs must-have features, not everyone might be able to afford these, especially if you don’t know if you will stick to the practice. Thankfully, there are other alternatives on the market and some of the notable ones are as follows:

    1. Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope

    If you just want to try a weighted jump rope without spending too much, the Gaoykai Weighted Jump Rope could be worth considering as it costs only $19 on Amazon. It has a comfortable handle, a ball-bearing system and a 1lb PVC cable which is unfortunately not replaceable.

    weighted jump rope


    1. WOD Nation Atlas Weighted Jump Rope

    For removable cables, the WOD Nation Atlas could be worth considering for $24. They also have a comfortable handle, a ball-bearing system and weights that can be added to the handles. The main hiccup is that the weights are not evenly distributed along the cable as they come in the form of removable PVC inserts.

    1. Champion Sports Weighted Jump Rope

    Starting at $30 on Amazon, the Champion Sports weighted jump ropes offer a variety of jump ropes with different weights evenly distributed across the cable from 1 pound to 4 pounds. However, you can’t swap the cables but the handles are foam-padded and feature a ball-bearing system.

    We hope that this list of weighted jump ropes on the market will help you find a proper one for yourself! Don’t forget to check out our previous articles for more tips that will help you buy one!

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